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River Severn Flooding / River Watch

Ironbridge has an annually recurring issues with flooding from the River Severn.  Some years its doesn't reach the centre, some were 1 1/.2 under water. 

We closely monitor flood warning from the Environment Agency and now have a slick operation to raise all the traders stock off the floor to avoid damage. 


Jan 2020 saw the worse flooding in 20 years and the water entered the building for the first time since the centre opened. We cleaned up and opened to then be hit for further worse flooding in Feb 2020.  

Flood water once again entered the centre in Jan 2021. 

We had a fantastic response from the local community to help us clear up but in particular the following businesses and individuals pulled out all the stops :- 

Ironbridge Interiors - Donated a new kitchen - 

Rob Palin - Painter & decorator - Donated some free time to repaint the tearoom -

Puddle Duck Cottages - Also does industrial flooring and donated some time to relay the tearoom floor. Puddle Duck Cottages Website 

These are all amazing people who we highly recommend. 

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