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Founded and opened in October 2011, following many comments from Shropshire residents who felt that there wasn’t as much variety in Ironbridge since the old Antiques centre closed down. The idea of mixing Antiques, Arts & Crafts under the same roof came from Donna Byard (although some said it would never work!) and the opportunity came along to set up in a lovely old victorian building at Merrythough Village which used to be part of the coalbrookdale foundry.

To add to the experience we wanted to provide a tea room serving specialist teas and locally made cakes to make the customer experience even better for our visitors, particularly in the summer months as we have developed an area overlooking the River Severn so our customers can enjoy a nice pot of tea with stunning river views.


Meet The Team


Ironbridge Alfie

Head of Security &

Weather Forecasting


Donna Byard



Nigel Byard


Our Team

Ane, Faye, Jess, Lucy & Tina

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